Varatti Joystick Control Steering

The Varatti Joy Stick Piloting steering system will make you feel like a pro no matter how little experience you have driving an inboard motor boat.

Joystick piloting takes the stress out of trying to dock your boat in a crowded area… with lots of spectators!

The joystick control works so smoothly. Just push the stick which way you want to go. If you need to turn around, simply rotate the knob to spin a tight 180. It can even spin a 360 on its own axis.

The Varatti thrusters are located in the bow and stern and controlled with the joystick. This gives you the ability to move the boat in forward or reverse simultaneously with the sideways. Ultimately, joystick control gives you maximum maneuverability.

Touch Control Center

Varatti Intelligent Control Center

The Varatti intelligent control center combines an intelligent steering wheel that integrates sound, surf and speed with the convenience of a stationary soft touch button pad. The buttons are also backlit.

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